All-in-one tools
for developers

Regex Tester, JWT Verify, Image Converter, Format JSON, Decode base64, Code Beautify and more
Work completely offline

No more searching for tools

Utilso works completely offline!
The data never leaves your computer.

Work Offline

No more inserting JWT tokens, JSON strings and other sensitive data on random websites.
Utilso works completely offline!

Auto Detect

The application can automatically select util on the basis of contents in your clipboard
For example:
  • JWT string JWT Debugger
  • Unix Time Time converter
  • Valid Base64 Base64 Decoder

Tunnels to localhost

  • In Beta release only now
  • Create a public HTTPS url for a website running locally on your development machine
  • Automatically sets up and manages HTTPS certificates
  • Custom a domain name and automatically points the records at the server running the tunnels.
  • 0-configuration.

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Sergei Profile
Hello, I'm Sergei πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¦, the engineer, designer and support behind the Utilso application. For many years I was always looking for small tools to analyze and decode/encode data. As a result, you always end up on a random online website and insert data there, but I'm not satisfied with that. That's the reason I built Utilso, to have it all in one. I recommend you to try it too.