String Escape/Unescape

Escapes special characters in a string so that they do not cause conflicts. For example, Nancy said "Hello World!" to the crowd. becomes Nancy said \"Hello World!\" to the crowd.
You can use different Quote escape, like Single or Double, or Backtick

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String Escape Unescape

What is Escape sequence?

In computer science, an escape sequence is a combination of characters that has a meaning other than the literal characters contained therein; it is marked by one or more preceding (and possibly terminating) characters.

Supports the following escape sequences:

  • Horizontal Tab is replaced with \t
  • Vertical Tab is replaced with \v
  • Nul char is replaced with \0
  • Backspace is replaced with \b
  • Form feed is replaced with \f
  • Newline is replaced with \n
  • Carriage return is replaced with \r
  • Single quote is replaced with \'
  • Double quote is replaced with \"
  • Backslash is replaced with \

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